The committee has made a submission on the Marlborough District Council’s Environment Plan in August 2016, details are here:

Our committee, which meets every 4th Thursday of the month:

President: John Errington, ZL3TIL
Vice President: not assigned
Secretary: Don Laing, ZL3DN
Treasurer: Greg Barton, ZL2GBX
Committee members: David Rothwell, ZL2WDR
  Graeme McKay, ZL2BDS
  Paul Rennie, ZL2RE
  Nick Batt, ZL2NEB
  Gerard van Antwerpen, ZL2GVA
QSL Manager: Bill Cousins, ZL2AYZ
Examination Supervisors: Bill Cousins, ZL2AYZ, Gerard van Antwerpen ZL2GVA
Call Sign Trustees: Paul Rennie, ZL2RE and Grame McKay, ZL2BDS
Repeater Trustees: David Rothwell ZL2WDR and Stuart Watchman ZL2TW
Morse examiner: Ken Menzies, ZL2BJV
Social Group Coordinator: Christine Conway
Librarian: Gerard van Antwerpen, ZL2GVA
Interface Editor: Caryl Simpson
Web Master: Gerard van Antwerpen, ZL2GVA
AREC Section Leader: Paul Rennie, ZL2RE