MARC Submission to Marlborough Environment Plan

Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan.

The Marlborough District Council has prepared a Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan which is a combined Regional Policy Statement, Regional Coastal Plan, Regional Plan, and District Plan. This has been published in June 2016 by the MDC so people have access and can make submissions.

In order to ensure there is provision for Amateur Radio in the plan, The Marlborough Amateur Radio Club has made a such a submission.

There have been some articles in the NZART publication, ‘Break-In’, about similar plans being reviewed in other districts, and the submissions other clubs have made on these.

Here are the documents relating to the MARC submission:

01 MDC Submission Form

02 Part A Attachments A1 A2

03 Part B Attachments B1

04 Part B Attachments B2_

B405 Part B Attachments B5_B9

06 Attachment B10_Page1_7

07 Attachment B10_Page8_12