Ham Cram

Become a Radio Amateur!

Update October 2020: Due to clashes with other events and availability of the venue, this is now planned for 1 and 2 May 2021. But if you are keen and are able to do the study on your own (or with a few friends?), you can always sit the exam at any time. Just get in touch with the club (info on the Ham Cram poster).

Get your license in one weekend.

The club is organising the ‘Ham-Cram’ study weekend in the weekend of 1-2 May 2021. In this weekend you will be guided through the exam questions, and at the end get the opportunity to sit the exam.

More information on registration, etc. can be found on the following poster:

Ham Cram Poster

Tony, ZL2RKL has made a little program that can help you prepare for the exam. It’ll present questions on the subjects you choose. He’s made versions for Mac, Win32 and Win64. Grab what you need, extract and start practicing!

For Mac’s:  mac64exam  For older Windows 32 bit:  win32exam  For Windows 64 bit:  win64exam