We are lucky to have an excellent editor for our monthly newsletter ‘Interface’ : Caryl. She does all the hard work to keep us all informed on club matters, and might throw in the occasional joke too…

If you have any news or have written an interesting article or report on some event, please let Caryl know so she can put in the newsletter. Her email address is:

Here are our newsletters, going back to August 2015:

Ham newsletter May 2022 AGM Reports

Ham newsletter April 2022 Beru (Commonwealth) contest, meeting reports

Ham newsletter March 2022  VHF FM/USB and HF nets reminder, Jock White Field day report, Horse Endurance event report, Hotel room operations and adventures ZL2NEB

Ham newsletter February 2022 Jock White Field Day pre-view, Onamalutu BBQ report/photos

Ham newsletter January 2022 Space-station SSTV ZL2GBX, Repeater info 695 CTCSS

Ham newsletter December 2021 Radar, Castles and Stained glass ZL1VBX, AREC DRM repeater, Homebrew TRX cooking update ZL2BNE

Ham newsletter November 2021 Constructors Award, CwOps CW Academy

Ham newsletter October 2021  Homebrewing builders group update

Ham newsletter September 2021 Homebrew Zoom meeting ZL2BNE

Ham newsletter August 2021 Member Profile ZL3TIL, Lighthouse weekend announcement

Ham newsletter July 2021 Midwinter lunch, KiwiSat project status report

Ham newsletter June 2021 Satelite talk ZL2BDS, KiwiSat update

Ham newsletter May 2021 Ward Repeater installation, GrapeRide , Dip Flat Sarex report, Newbie setup ZL4HZ

Ham newsletter April 2021 AGM report, Carluke combined bbq with Nelson, CW paddles ZL2GVA

Ham newsletter March 2021 Field Day report, HamCram – An Insiders Look ZL2NEB, AGM reports

Ham Newsletter February 2021 Onamalutu BBQ, The Ned Repeater visit, HamCram report

Ham Newsletter January 2021 ZL2GVA CW paddles, funnies

Ham newsletter December 2020 Future events listing, WWV article

Ham newsletter November 2020 Ward Repeater mast and hut installation, SAR search Clarence, H-night

Ham newsletter October 2020 Constructors Award, Westfest report

Ham newsletter September 2020 ZL2BNE SSB tranceiver project update, Brayshaw Park antenna terrain analysis Zl2AYZ,  Lighthouse weekend report

Ham newsletter August 2020 Brayshaw Tower refurbishment, Tower/Antenna history by Foss ZL2JKP,  Mid Winter dinner, Amateur radio assisting with comms to aircraft in Chile (reprint Hastings and Napier radio clubs).

Ham newsletter July 2020 Weld Cone repeater shift update, Brayshaw Park tower removal for refurbishment, general info on future events (Lighthouse Weekend, HamCram, etc)

Ham newsletter June 2020 Exam assistance software by ZL2RKL, a waffle meter by ZL3TIL, HF antenna install ZL2BK, the NanoVNA and crystal filters ZL2BNE

Ham newsletter May 2020 Several activity report by members during Covid-19 lock-down.

Ham newsletter April 2020 AGM Report, Combined bbq with Nelson, Cheese muffin recipe, QRP tranceiver ZL2BNE.

Ham newsletter Covid supplement March 2020 Announcement of cancellation of all club meetings for the next 2 months to help fight Covid-19, postponement of HamCram weekend.

Ham newsletter March 2020 AGM reports, Jock White Field Day, Westfest info, combined bbq with Nelson info.

Ham newsletter February 2020 Reports on Onamalutu BBS, Horse Trekking event, Wine and Food festival, SK – Robin York ZL2BGD

Ham newsletter January 2020 Meeting reports, New Year BBQ’s / Wine & Food announcements, Christmas Parade Report

Ham newsletter Nov December 2019  Meeting reports, upcoming activities (New Years BBQ, Ham-Cram, etc)

Ham newsletter October 2019 Meeting reports, club/NZART membership clarification

Ham newsletter September 2019 Constructors Award, EastFest 2019 Program, Questionnaire results

Ham newsletter August 2019 Lighthouse weekend Cape Campbell

Ham newsletter July 2019 Mid winter lunch, Repeater update (site checks Ward and Kaikoura)

Ham newsletter June 2019 Meeting reports, announcement Lighthouse Weekend Cape Campbell

Ham newsletter May 2019 Beacons/Reverse Beacons ZL2GVA, Dip Flat SAREX, Wakamarina Search ZL2RE, NZART Conference ZL2BK

Ham Newsletter April 2019 ZL2BGL/ZL2AYZ Expedition Chatham Island.

Ham newsletter March 2019 AGM Report, combined bbq with Nelson

Ham newsletter February 2019 AGM Presidents report, Jock White Field Day, Wine and Food Festival

Ham newsletter January 2019 Picton Repeater Repairs

Ham Newsletter December 2018 Christmas Parade

Ham Newsletter November 2018 Ned Repeater visit for repairs and maintenance

Ham newsletter October 2018 – Constructors Award

Ham newsletter September 2018 – Lighthouse Weekend

Ham newsletter August 2018 – Mid winter lunch

Ham newsletter July 2018 – RF Watt Meter by Anthony, ZL1VBX

Ham newsletter June 2018 – Printed circuit boards by Ken, ZL2BJV; Weld cone repeater shift; Police Sarex, Coast Guard boat visit

Ham newsletter May 2018

Ham newsletter April 2018 – Combined bbq with Nelson radio club

Ham newsletter March 2018 – AGM stuff, Jock White Field Day, Wine & Food Festival

Ham Newsletter February 2018 Yearly bbq Onamalutu domain, Errata on modulated light receiver, testing of modulated light gear

Ham Newsletter January 2018 Optical free space communications using modulated light, DL8SER

Ham Newsletter December 2017 Christmas Parade, The Ned repeater visit for maintenance

Ham Newsletter November 2017

Ham Newsletter October 2017

Ham Newsletter September 2017

Ham newsletter August 2017

Ham newsletter June 2017

Ham newsletter May 2017

Ham newsletter April 2017

Ham newsletter March 2017

Ham newsletter February 2017

Ham newsletter January 2017



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