We try to have a talk or demonstration at our monthly meetings; sometimes this is in the form of a presentation which is suitable as a stand-alone document. Here you will find some of the presentations that have been shown during previous meetings.

July/August 2019, Designing and Constructing Printed Circuit Diagram boards by John ZL3TIL:
John describes the development, production options and final assembly of a PCB using Eagle CAD software for a Tiny Function Generator:
TinyFunctionGeneratorSpeakingNotes pt1 and part2: TinyFunctionGeneratorSpeakingNotes pt2.
John is sharing the files for this project on Github:

May 2019, Beacons and Reverse Beacons, by Gerard ZL2GVA:
Beacons – Reverse Beacons ZL2GVA May 2019

April 2017, Remote HF Station, by Grant ZL2BK (also on the HF Station page):
Brayshaw Park Remote HF Station