We try to have a talk or demonstration at our monthly meetings; sometimes this is in the form of a presentation which is suitable as a stand-alone document. Here you will find some of the presentations that have been shown during previous meetings.

June 2023, WSPR presentation by Nick, ZL2NEB. Overview, uses, equipment options, data analysis and use to evaluate your station. WSPR ZL2NEB

July/August 2019, Designing and Constructing Printed Circuit Diagram boards by John ZL3TIL:
John describes the development, production options and final assembly of a PCB using Eagle CAD software for a Tiny Function Generator:
TinyFunctionGeneratorSpeakingNotes pt1 and part2: TinyFunctionGeneratorSpeakingNotes pt2.
John is sharing the files for this project on Github:

May 2019, Beacons and Reverse Beacons, by Gerard ZL2GVA:
Beacons – Reverse Beacons ZL2GVA May 2019

April 2017, Our repeater system, by Grant ZL2BK (also on the repeater page):

Marlborough Repeaters

April 2017, Remote HF Station, by Grant ZL2BK (also on the HF Station page):
Brayshaw Park Remote HF Station