Reverse Beacon Network Node

With the help of a grant of Fists Down Under we are setting up a receiver node for the Reverse Beacon Network (RBN).

The SDR receiver is a StemLab Red Pitaya 125-14, a HP Probook i5 laptop is doing the processing and data forwarding to the RBN server. The bottom 96 kHz of all 8 bands from 80 to 10 mtrs (80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10) is scanned for CW traffic, and anyone calling CQ will be shown on the RBN website.
Decoded data shows the receive frequency, the signal to noise ration and the cw speed.

The system is currently (April 2022) been test run from the QTH of Gerard, ZL2GVA. It will be on as much as possible, but probably not 24/7. 

Please have a look: 

To see the data from our node, type in ZL2KS in the Spotter field.
Alternatively on the menu select: DX Spots – Spot Search and fill in the node name ZL2KS, the select  ‘DE’ . 


Power supplies, input protection and a receive antenna for our permanent site at Brayshaw Park in Blenheim still need to be sorted out before we shift the set-up there.

Gerard, ZL2GVA